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All Our Cleaning Methods Are Environmentally Friendly And Safe for Children, Pets And Allergy Sufferers

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3M Scotchguard can be applied to almost any fabric in your home. Once applied it produces an invisible layer of protection for the fabric. This protection can help stains from becoming a permanent eyesore. The barrier resists moisture. If you have a spill it gives you time to to get it cleaned up without it soaking into the material. Having this protective coating will help reduce the wear and will repel stains!

Carpet Cleaning
Thats Amazing Cleaning Services carpet cleaning services are a quick and easy way to make a lasting difference in your home. We can safely clean wool, silk, polypropylene, acrylic, nylon and polyester carpets.

We use the hot water and steam extraction carpet cleaning method to remove dirt and grime. Any stains or difficult marks are treated with appropriate stain removers. The solution and steam penetrates deep into the base of the carpet, literally exploding dirt and grime off of the fibres surface. This will improve air quality and make your home a healthier, more enjoyable living space.

We use mild, pet and child environmentally friendly chemicals, which are all rinsed out with the cleaning process to prevent re-soiling and will therefore provide a totally safe environment for children and pets. Using the latest equipment and materials makes our carpet cleaning services extremely efficient and affordable. Our technicians are vetted and trained professionals who work quickly and courteously to ensure only the very best results.

We can also dry clean natural fibre carpets like sisal, jute, coir and sea grass.

The 6 Step Steam Cleaning Process

1. Inspection: We will visually inspect your carpet to identify potential permanent stains and give you an evaluation of expected results.
2. Pre-vacuum: Important, as this removes dry soil (where necessary).
3. Pre-spray: The area will be dusted with a high Alkaline, soil freeing Chemical. Our technicians are able to determine the optimum level of alkaline which can used on each particular carpet without causing damage to the carpet.
4. Agitation: Using a carpet shampoo brush with a rotary machine, the alkaline chemical is worked into the fibres of the carpet loosening the soil.
5. Extraction: Using the optimum amount of steam and moisture applications we will now extract the soil allergens and pollutants from the carpet with our advanced cleaning machine.
6. Spot and staining techniques: Applied in conjunction with the extraction process. This works on many of the general household spots and stains.

Remember we can 3M Scotchguard your carpets for extra protection. (See more information on 3M Scotchguard on our home page).

Carpet cleaning frequently asked questions and answers

Q: How long will the carpet take to dry?
A: In most cases your carpet will be dry in 3-6 hours. However this depends on the temperature in the room and the density of the fibre. Opening windows and increasing the heating will speed this process up.

Q: Do you move furniture?
A: Yes. All of our cleaning packages include moving furniture. We will move what one technician can safely move. The technician will move the items, clean and put them back in position. Any items of furniture which may endanger the technicianís health and safety will not be moved.

Q: What preparation do I have to do?
A: We will require hot water and electricity from you. Please ensure you have the hot water on and enough electricity. It would also help if any personal items are removed from the floor space such as clothing, shoes, handbags etc. If you want us to move furniture could you remove any breakable or heavy items from any cabinets, wardrobes, underneath beds or wall units? I.e. China, glassware, books, clothes etc.

Q: Will you protect the feet of my furniture when you move it back onto to the damp carpet?
A. Yes. Always. The technician will place protector pads beneath any items which may stain from loose wood dye or rust from metal studs under the legs.

Q: How soon can I walk on the carpet?
A: You can walk on the carpet as soon it has been cleaned. You won't damage it. However do try to keep pets and heavy traffic off the carpet during the drying process. Wear indoor shoes or non-rubber slippers is advisable. We can issue plastic shoe cover if you require. Free of charge. Just ask the technician.

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Thats Amazing Cleaning Services offer a no-quibble refund if you're not satisfied. Each job comes with an iron-clad, risk-free, money-back guarantee. If you are not 100% happy for any reason we will return and re-clean free of charge. If you are still unhappy with the cleaning results after this we will refund your money (see terms & conditions). All of our cleaners are covered by our full public liability cover provided by our insurers who are underwritten by Lloyds of London. Our insurance policy will cover any accidental damages to your property caused by any of our cleaners up to 5 million pounds.

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