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3M Scotchguard can be applied to almost any fabric in your home. Once applied it produces an invisible layer of protection for the fabric. This protection can help stains from becoming a permanent eyesore. The barrier resists moisture. If you have a spill it gives you time to to get it cleaned up without it soaking into the material. Having this protective coating will help reduce the wear and will repel stains!

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Removing Chewing Gum from Carpet

When used chewing gum lands in or on carpet, clothes or hair it causes a sticky problem. Once the chewing gum has hardened the problem worsens.

As an avid gum chewer in my teens and having been through a chewing gum “incident” with my oldest son I have learned ways to remove chewing gum from carpet, clothes and hair.

To remove chewing gum from carpet, clothes and hair try the freezing method first. Before freezing the chewing gum, scrape as much of it off as possible with a non-serrated knife. Next put a couple of ice cubes into a self-sealing plastic sandwich bag. Rub the bag of ice over the chewing gum until it freezes. Once the chewing gum is frozen, remove it by scraping it away. Keep repeating the freezing method until the chewing gum is removed. If the freezing method produce less than desirable results, try the other methods below to remove chewing gum.

To remove chewing gum from carpet heat is a big help. Heat the spot of stuck on chewing gum with a blow-dryer for a minute or two. Once the chewing gum has softened remove it by hand by covering your hand with a plastic sandwich bag and lifting the chewing gum from the carpet. Repeat the blow-dryer heating method to remove chewing gum until as much gum is removed as possible.

To remove chewing gum from carpet if any remains after the heating method, use a product such as a deep heating muscle rub. Again, use a plastic sandwich bag to lift more of the chewing gum from the carpet. If the gum has stained the carpet use a carpet spot remover to make it disappear.

How to Remove Baby Food Stains from Carpet

Being a working mom and keeping your baby well behaved at all times can be quite a task! Having a baby around the house and food stains everywhere may seem inseparable to mommies at times! Read on for some ideas for baby food stain removal that can help to ease things for you.

Keeping a baby clean at all times can be quite a task! No matter how well mommies may love to dress up their babies, it doesn’t take much time for any baby to accidentally drop some of the baby foodstuff on his/her clothes. Cleaning the clothes to get rid of the baby food stains can really be a daunting task for all at home. Fret not; the sweet smell of a baby is definitely possible without the odour of baby food stains. Getting rid of baby food stains can be really difficult depending upon the nature of the food and also the material of the baby clothes. Of course, a peek into the local supermarket will reveal a plethora of baby food stain removers and detergents that can completely clean the garments. Although, there are times when these detergents can harm the baby’s sensitive skin due to the presence of certain chemicals. Sometimes, such detergents can cause the colours to fade as well. There are ways to remove baby food stains so you need not worry every time. Read on to know some easy ways to wash away the stubborn stains.

How to get rid of Baby Food Stains:

  • In cases where you have access to the detergent, use some of this directly on the stain itself. Keep it on for some time. Allow the detergent to set firmly into the stain. Rub the area for some time and rinse the cloth.
  • If you think this is one of those stubborn baby food stains, then firstly, you need to scrape off as much as possible. Do this before you dip it into the water.
  • Hot water can sometimes be avoidable to remove baby food stains. This can aggravate the situation by setting the stain permanently into the grooves of the fabric.
  • Your husband’s shaving cream can be of some use apart from the actual purpose. To remove baby food stains, use little foaming shaving cream directly on the stain. Let this get absorbed for at least 30 minutes. After this, simply rub the area and rinse the garment. Once the stain goes, you can wash it the normal way. If the stain shows no signs of reducing in its visibility, you will need to repeat the process again.
  • If possible, try to dip the baby’s garments into a tub of cold water. If you have the washing machine at your disposal, put this straight for the normal wash cycle, without the use of any particular kind of detergent. This can help to wash off baby food stains if you manage to wash the stains before it dries on the cloth.
  • Tackle the stain problem immediately. Use a paper towel to collect the excess liquid stains. Use a spatula to scrape the rest. Ensure you brush off the excess stain as much as possible. Wash this portion with cold water.
  • Always remember to avoid scrubbing the area unless the garment is made of a very durable fabric. Excessive rubbing can damage the garment and cause the stain to spread further. Rub gently under running water to remove dried food stains.
  • Develop a habit for using a bib for the baby. This can really help you as it protects your baby’s clothing. It is better you try ways to prevent the clothes from being stained rather than spending endless hours cleaning these at home! Using a bib for the baby can help to prevent many baby food stains.
  • If your baby has managed to spill the baby food on your wood table, then here’s what you need to do. Use a damp sponge to wipe of the excess matter. Also follow this with a swipe of a cloth that is dipped in wood cleansing solution. Use some wax once you are through with this.
  • Sometimes your baby may tend to spill the food on silver items. In such cases, wash the silver in hot, soapy water. Use a soft cloth to wipe it completely clean.
  • Well, babies will be babies and stains are bound to happen. So, all you need to do is watch out those moments and be alert at all times!

Removing Pet Smells and Odours

While pets are terrific companions, it’s just a shame they can’t clean up after themselves. That being said it is ultimately our job to do so and most of the time it’s only a minor inconvenience in light of the friendship and unconditional love that they provide. Many people are hesitant to use harsh chemical cleaners around their kids and pets and fortunately you don’t have to. There are many natural remedies that work better, are safer around the home and cost a lot less.

Natural Cleaners

Vinegar and baking soda are some of the best things to use for getting rid of odours and freshening fabrics, as long as they aren’t used together. When used simultaneously they react to each other causing them to become neutral. Use vinegar to clean up pet accidents on the carpet. This will help get rid of the stain and eliminate the smell. You can also mix vinegar and water in equal parts in a spray bottle and use it to mist upholstery to rid it of odours. Vinegar or baking soda is good to add to the washing machine to get rid of pet odours as well. A scoop of baking soda in with detergent or a cup of vinegar in the rinse cycle will work wonders on odours. Never use ammonia to clean up cat urine. They smell too much alike and it may entice kitty to return to the scene of the crime for a repeat performance.

Natural Odour Killers

Sprinkle baking soda onto furniture or carpeting and let it sit for awhile. Vacuum it up and odours will be gone. You can also mix liquid fabric softener and water in equal parts in a spray bottle and make your own homemade version of Febreze. Fresh, unused coffee grounds are great for eliminating unwanted smells. Pour some into a sock and hide it in couch cushions. You can do the same with scented dryer sheets. Try to hide these things from your pets as they aren’t nearly as effective once consumed. Prevention Ideas

If you have dogs that have been outside in the rain, dry them off as soon as they come in before they have a chance to lie down on the sofa. Keep a designated towel handy and wash it often. Be sure to wipe off their paws too. The smell in your kitty box can be greatly reduced by using clumping kitty litters with baking soda in them. A small air freshener nearby can be helpful and scoop boxes out daily.

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